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LegUp is now a part of Kinside! Learn more here.

Easy technology to manage enrollment with ease.

Kinside is the only enrollment management system that lets child care directors share availability, manage waitlists, and offer online tour booking from their website. 



Providers nationwide use Kinside to manage enrollment.

Click on a logo below to see real-life examples of how you can meet families where they are - online.

Spend less time answering calls and filling your spots.

Enrollment keeps your business alive, but it can be hard to keep up with, leaving you with empty spots and families without care.  Kinside helps you automate the enrollment process, allowing you to hand off tedious tasks and focus on what's important: connecting with families and children.

Providers_ Connect with families online and share availability (web).png

Share your openings from your website.

  • Automatically share openings online and connect to your website or Facebook.

  • Allow families to take action any time of the day - whether you're next to your phone or not.

Auto-manage your waitlist

  • Let families join your waitlist online and manage their enrollment preferences.

  • Keep your waitlist automatically organized by priority and more.

  • Customize your waitlist priorities so your waitlist is always accurate.

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Providers_ Process enrollment (web).png

Fill your spots faster

  • Process payments online with no-fee direct deposit.

  • Send and receive registration and enrollment packets with one click.

Provider-friendly features, sponsored by employers

No monthly payments. No contract. No credit card fees. Same-day payment transfers. Sponsored by employers, so you spend less time in the weeds and families can find care faster.

Kinside is the perfect companion for your other tools.

Whether you use Procare, Brightwheel, Alliance CORE, or pen and paper, Kinside will help you easily get families in the door. Then Kinside integrates seamlessly into your other management processes.

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  • Is Kinside free for families?
    Yes! Kinside is completely free for families, although you'll still have to pay providers' waitlist and enrollment fees.
  • Are the spots shown on Kinside actually available?
    Yes! Because providers use Kinside for their enrollment, waitlist, and registration management, spots listed are actually available.
  • What if I don't need child care right away?
    It’s never too early to start looking for child care - there are more families who need care than there are available seats. Search for the programs that match your needs and join waitlists ASAP.
  • How long will I sit on a waitlist?
    The average waitlist length nationwide is 18 months long. However, with Kinside you can expect to receive a spot offer in half the amount of time, based on spot availability.
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