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Finding Childcare is Challenging

40+ hours
How long parents spend looking for care, from search to enrollment.
18 months
The average time spent on waitlists
2 million
The number of parents that leave the workforce yearly due to childcare challenges

There's a Better Way. Here's How We Help

LegUp survey
Step 1: Tell us what type of care you need
Full time care? Play-based? Disability support? Close to the office?
Communication with Providers
Step 2: Get matched with quality providers
No more searching. We send you high quality providers that best fits your needs and help you join their waitlist.
LegUp Daycare
Step 3: Get access to more childcare seats
You join LegUp's waitlist and get access to LegUp partners seats across the city, giving yo a higher likelihood of getting a seat when you need it.
take a tour and enroll
Step 4: Take a tour and enroll
When a seat through LegUp's partner becomes available and you're ready to move forward, LegUp will help you enroll. If we don't help you find a seat, you don't pay.
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Step 2: Join your local childcare waitlist
Based off your location, age group, and specified perimeter, we’ll place you on your local waitlist. No upfront fees. Ongoing waitlist updates delivered to your inbox.
"LegUp is a simple, yet extremely effective approach to securing daycare. The team was able to find us childcare options for our daughter quickly, and helped us understand what is really important when looking for daycare."
Laura F., Working Mom
"OK, I'm convinced, hooked, amazed, awed, appreciative, grateful, impressed and ready to send LegUp to everyone I know. LegUp helped us find care in days and saved me hours of searching!"
Kipepeo B., Working Mom

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