Fill your open child care seats faster.

Share your real-time availability, connect with families seeking care, and increase enrollment at your program, for no monthly cost.

Your 24/7 Marketing & Enrollment Assistant

LegUp simplifies the way you connect with families and helps you grow your business.

Connect with families and fill seats faster

Save time and increase revenue by sharing your real-time availability with families seeking care, right from your website.

Manage tours and waitlists with ease.

No more playing phone tag with families to schedule tours or chase down paperwork. All the tools and support you need, from zero-effort waitlist management to tour scheduling and paperless enrollment.

No monthly fees

Pay a one-time setup fee and keep your hard-earned money in your business. That’s it! No credit card fees or recurring monthly fees.

How it works

Share your real-time availability from your website
No more worries about missing calls or emails again - share your open seats to let families know your real-time availability at all hours of the day.
Help families schedule tours and join your waitlist online
It’s easy for families to schedule tours and join your waitlist online, reducing follow-up calls and missed enrollment opportunities.
Approve families and help them pay you in minutes
Close the loop quickly. Send seat offers and enrollment paperwork with a click of a button, and receive your enrollment fees in minutes.

LegUp helps you increase enrollment with ease, so you can get back to everything else.

Automated marketing & enrollment

Technology that helps you market your program, available spots, and simplify the child care enrollment process for families and providers.

A dedicated
support team

People, not robots, available to support you with enrollment activities and represent your quality program to families.

No monthly

No credit card fees and no monthly costs keeps money in your business, where it belongs!

Save time and increase enrollment today with LegUp.

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