We're on a mission to make childcare accessible for all.

We believe that every working family should have access to childcare, in order to create a full and balanced life. We believe that every childcare provider should have the tools and resources they need to care and educate the future, and build a thriving business. And we believe that transparency, collaboration, and technology can achieve this.
We work with childcare providers to give them the resources they need to run their businesses, increase their revenues, and enable families to find and enroll in available, high-quality childcare quickly.

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About the Team

LegUp was founded by Jessica Eggert and Garrett Vargas, and is led by a diverse group of working parents, early childhood educators, and early childcare policy experts who want to see the childcare industry not just grow, but thrive.

We know that the answer isn't just technology -- it takes heart, partnerships, community, and a lot of hard work to help make this system even better. Our team moves fast, constantly challenges each other, and seeks to make the world better every single day. And we're just getting started.

Interested in joining the team? Reach out to team@legup.care.