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Child care should be affordable.

Happy Family


Financially Prepare for Your Child's Future


Average Cost of Care Across the U.S.

Mother and a Child

Pay for Child Care with Your FSA

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Top Companies that Help with Child Care Costs


10 - 12%

Average amount of a family's household income spent on child care.

Mother Working from Home
Couple with Daughter


The number of families who have taken our Financial Assistance Calculator and are eligible for assistance


Average monthly cost of center-based infant care.

Happy Family
Parents and Child

4 in 10

Number of parents who have gone into debt due to the cost of child care.

Can you relate?

Do you qualify for financial assistance?

Often your State, County, or City offers financial assistance to help families pay for child care for those at or below a certain income threshold.

Take the quiz to see if you might qualify!

Working with Financial Documents

Need phone support? Call your local resource & referral agency.

Find and enroll in care online, with guided support.

Do you qualify for child care financial assistance? Check here!

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