Find the right care, when you need it.

Get matched to programs that fit your family's needs, schedule tours, join waitlists, and apply for open seats. So you can get back to everything else.


Say goodbye to never-ending waitlists.

LegUp makes finding and enrolling in child care simple. From program matching to manual search options and waitlist transparency, we provide support every step of the way.

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Get matched to care.

  • Skip the search! Tell us what type of child care you need and we'll match you to programs and open seats that fit your criteria.

  • Receive alerts for open seat matches.

  • Apply online for available seats, schedule tours, and join waitlists.

Enroll online, at any time.

  • Manage your family's care preferences and receive seat offers that fit your needs.

  • Schedule and manage tours at programs in your area.

  • Enroll online, seamlessly and securely.

  • Check your waitlist status any time, day or night.

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Get early access to openings.

  • You'll be the first to know when seats become available in your area.

  • Apply for open seats online.

  • Never miss an open seat. We'll notify you, so you don't have to worry.


Need phone support? Call your local resource & referral agency.

Find and enroll in care online, with guided support.

Do you qualify for child care financial assistance? Check here!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does The LegUp Concierge work?

LegUp matches you to child care programs based on your family's preferences. You'll then be able to see programs' availability, apply for seats, schedule tours, or join waitlists. No more Google searching, back-and-forth with programs, paper forms, or spending 18+ months on waitlists.

Is LegUp free?

Yes! For now The LegUp Concierge is free for families. You will still be required to pay the provider's waitlist and/or registration fees, if applicable.

Are the listed seats actually available?

Yes! Because providers use LegUp for their enrollment, waitlist, and registration management, all seats listed are accurate. Once you apply for that spot, the seat is held for you. No one else is able to hold that seat until you tour and make a decision on enrollment.

What if I don't need child care right away?

It’s never too early to start looking for child care - there are more families who need care than there are available seats. Search for the programs that match your needs and join waitlists ASAP.

How long will I sit on a waitlist?

The average waitlist length nationwide is 18 months long. However, with LegUp you can expect to receive a seat offer in half the amount of time, based on seat availability.