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LegUp simplifies the childcare search and enrollment process. Get personalized daycare and preschool options, pay only one waitlist fee, and receive regular updates on your waitlist status.

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How it works

Step 1

Share your childcare needs and preferences, from budget to location to preferred education philosophy

Step 2

Choose your preferred providers. No available seats? No problem. Join LegUp's waitlist, allowing you access to providers' seats across the city, and waitlist enrollment at your top preferred providers

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Get waitlist updates delivered to your inbox. We'll contact you when a seat becomes available and help you enroll quickly


Spend less time searching the web.
Daycare and preschool center data is scattered across the internet and can take hours of searching to find options that meet your needs.

Spend less time contacting providers.
Providers are busy doing what they do best - taking care of our children. No more playing phone-tag, leaving voicemails and following up via email for center and waitlist information.

Spend less money on waitlists.
Get automatically placed on LegUp’s global waitlist with your preferred providers noted, and save hundreds in nonrefundable fees. When a seat becomes available with your preferred provider or a similar one, we'll offer it to you.
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