Real-time supply and demand data, at your fingertips.

Supportive, data-driven partnerships for Shared Service Alliances, Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies, and more.

Using real-time data to build a stronger child care community.

We support your efforts and expertise with real-time supply and demand data, so you can continue to advocate and create data-driven programs that make a lasting impact.

On average, a seat is offered to a family within

18 minutes

of providers posting availability in LegUp.


of LegUp providers are nearly or completely full (90-100% of their COVID capacity).

Where our real-time data comes from.

LegUp works with child care centers and family homes, providing no-cost marketing and enrollment management tools. We make it easier for programs to connect with families seeking care, manage enrollment, and fill their seats faster. 
"Using LegUp is like having a full-time administrator, for free."
"It enables families to go through the enrollment process on their own."
"Everything is in one place to handle all our enrollment needs."

LegUp's Key Features:

Connect with families and fill seats faster

Save time and increase revenue by sharing your real-time availability with families seeking care, right from your website.

Manage tours and waitlists with ease.

No more playing phone tag with families to schedule tours or chase down paperwork. All the tools and support you need, from zero-effort waitlist management to tour scheduling and paperless enrollment.

No monthly fees

Pay a one-time setup fee and keep your hard-earned money in your business. That’s it! No credit card fees or recurring monthly fees.

LegUp connects families and programs, and provides real-time data to partners to increase advocacy and data-driven solutions.

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