The best tools to manage your child care program

Two of the most important tools you'll need to stay at full enrollment and help manage your program

When your goal is to run an efficient child care business, there are two areas where software can help you stay full and stay efficient: enrollment and program management.

Software to Manage Enrollment

When we talk about enrollment, we mean the process of getting in front of prospective families, sharing your availability, managing leads, and filling your seats. It's a combination of marketing and sales. And if you don't have a sales or marketing background, making this process efficient can seem daunting. But when it's not efficient, you can lose out on much needed revenue!

Look for tools that can help you connect with families online, share your availability, help families schedule tours and join your waitlist, and create a streamlined process to collect enrollment fees and send enrollment packets.

There are many tools you can use to streamline each part of that process, such as:

📅 Tour Scheduling Tools

You can use these tools to help families schedule tours online so you can reduce the back-and-forth with parents!

  • Calendly: $0-16/month (you can get away with the free version)

  • Acuity: $14-45/month

🗂 Waitlist Management Tools

Use these tools to collect family's information easily.

💲 Payment Processing Tools

Instead of waiting for a check for that one-time registration or enrollment fee, send a quick invoice or link to collect payments from providers.

  • Paypal: $0/month but a $3.49% invoicing fee.

  • Venmo: $0/month, no fees! Parents will pay a fee if they pay with credit card, but not if they bank with a debit card or bank account

⚙️ All-in-one tools

Instead of using multiple tools, use LegUp. This helps you share your availability online automatically, enables families to schedule tours and join your waitlist, and collect registration fees.

For no monthly cost.

We'll also help you automatically manage your waitlist, and we do marketing for you so you can get your program in front of many families in the area and fill your seats faster.


Software to Manage Your Program

There's a lot of work that goes into running a program, from check-in and check-out, to collecting tuition, recording feedings and diaper checks, sending updates to parents, and managing your staff. You can use child care management software to help you do all of that in one place, instead of using paper and pen or multiple tools. Here are a few child care management tools to check out!

All of these do the same thing, but the most important thing to look for is ease of use for yourself and customer service. While child care management software can make things easier, it can take some time to learn the ropes and get your team comfortable with using it. You'll want to make sure the software you chooses has fantastic customer support and training so you can get up and running quickly.


When you're doing something new, there's always a learning curve. But a little time invested today can help you save hours of time in the future, and help you bring in more money. Start today and you'll have an efficient business buzzing in weeks!

Don't know where to start? Start with LegUp, the centralized Enrollment Platform. There's no monthly fee, and you'll be onboarded and saving time within 2 days (it only takes one 45 minute onboarding session!), with access to some of the best child care customer service across the nation.