Enrollment Success starts with a simpler enrollment process. Find out how LegUp's intuitive tools easily integrate with your program's Child Care Management System.

Many providers use child care management systems (CCMS) for attendance tracking, tuition collection, staff management, and more. We believe it's worth the investment, which you can read about in Why Every Child Care Provider Needs Child Care Management Software.

Whether you're deciding to implement a CCMS, or you're already working with one, you may be wondering where LegUp fits in. Our provider-focused tools are designed to integrate with any CCMS, before a family enrolls. We help you get families in the door and move them through your enrollment process quickly and successfully, so you can get back to everything else on your to-do list.

As a company led by a diverse group of working parents, early childhood educators, and early childcare policy experts, we've built LegUp based on an unwavering belief in Enrollment Success, and that every child care program deserves the opportunity to do what they love while growing a thriving business. We define Enrollment Success as:

  • For providers, Enrollment Success starts with a simpler enrollment process. A streamlined enrollment process means that your program stays full so that you can focus on quality care and education, rather than administrative tasks.
  • For families, Enrollment Success means the experience of finding child care should be easy, transparent, and reliable.

A simpler enrollment process benefits everyone: It significantly reduces your team's daily workload, gives families access to the information they need to find and enroll in care, and helps close revenue gaps.

The pandemic hit the child care industry especially hard and required providers to make countless tough decisions. From increasingly thinner and thinner financial margins to staffing shortages to keeping up with new health and safety protocols, the challenges seemed insurmountable compared to previous years. But in the midst of it all, we’ve seen incredible resilience from providers across the country, and it's made us more determined than ever to bring Enrollment Success to every child care provider and give access to all the tools and resources needed to thrive—now and beyond the current climate.

Not ready to invest in child care management software? Start with LegUp first to help you get families in the door, increase your revenues, and give you the financial cushion to invest in a CCMS. Schedule your demo today!