Child care management software can help you streamline your daily operations and grow your business.

Investing in child care management software can be expensive, but well worth the time and money. Before we discuss which one you should use, let’s take a look at what of child care management software can do to optimize your daily operations, no matter what size your program is.

The best child care management software is an investment, but ultimately will save you hours of work each week and thousands of dollars annually. Some of the benefits of child care management software include:

  • Online and on-time tuition collection
  • Attendance tracking, managing the check-in and check-out process
  • Lesson plan and menu management
  • Facilitating parent communication and updates
  • Revenue and expense tracking
  • Time-space percentage calculation

For providers who don’t use child care management software, a typical day consists of countless manual processes that are prone to human error, like sending paperwork to families only to have them forget on the first day, chasing down unpaid tuition even though you’ve already shared your monthly tuition process with parents, inaccurate attendance records from pen-and-paper check-in and check-out – the list goes on and on. As with any manual process, things can easily become messy, unorganized, or delayed, resulting in unfilled seats and time wasted following up with families. All of these small issues can add up to one big issue: Lost revenue.

This means that in an industry where business margins are already razor thin, being disorganized could mean “make it or break it” for your program. Fortunately, there are plenty of child care management software options out there that can help streamline your daily administrative workload and optimize your daily operations. And when paired with LegUp’s pre-enrollment tools like zero-effort waitlist management, tour scheduling, and paperless enrollment, you could save hours of work every week and connect with more families seeking care in real-time.

Is child care management software just for centers?

No! Family child care programs should use child care management software too. In our experience, FCCs often benefit more than centers do from child care management software because FCC owners are usually also the director, teacher, chef, parent-wrangler, and compliance manager, all in one. Child care management software can basically act as a full-time employee, without the staff costs. But not every child care management software system is right for FCCs, so i’s important to find one that’s a good price-point, has great customer service, is easy to use, and lets you manage your program on-the-go right through your phone.

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