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Keep your parents in the workforce.

Without stable child care, parents can't work to their full potential. Give your employees access to full-time and last-minute care, so your team can reach its goals.


Child care challenges are already costing you.

In fact, child care challenges cost U.S. businesses over $12B every year in turnover, lost productivity, and absences. Get ahead of your competitors so you can recruit and retain a skilled workforce.

Kinside offers employee benefits packages to reduce turnover and increase retention.

Give your working parents the tools to find long-term and last-minute care options.

Reduce the child care search and wait time for your team.

Without Kinside, families will sit on waitlists for an average of 18 months. With Kinside, we see families enroll in long-term care within 3-6 months.

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Life happens, so don't let child care breakdowns get in your team's way.

Families don't always get their preferred schedules and care arrangements can fall through. Provide same-day care so your employees can make that 10 am presentation.

Offset the cost of quality care.

You can subsidize waitlist and registration fees or back-up care fees for your employees to help lighten their financial burden.

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Help your employees achieve their career and family goals.

Get in touch with our partnerships team to learn more about Kinside's employee benefit options and find a program that fits your workforce.

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